Kabini Back Water

Kabini is a slice of paradise about 80 kms away from the white marble palaces of Mysore.It is named after Kabini, the majestic river, flowing through three National parks namely Bandipur, Nagorhole and Madhumati. Kabini, the then hunting place of Rajas and Indian royalty for their ‘Shikar’ is the best destination for those desirous of getting a peace of mind and relief from the tension-filled city life.A morning stay in Kabini gives a refreshingly enthusiastic boost to the bored minds.

A cool travel in Jeep around Kabini with the background music of flowing river water gushing down gives us a unique experience. It is thrilling and exiting to watch wild animals and herd of elephants moving around the jungle. And it would be a life-time experience to watch tigers roaming in the deepest forest. Watch-towers on the tree canopy allow us to have a full view of Kabini.

The 55 acres of lush green forest in Kabini with modern amenities and hotels makes the stay in Kabini much more enjoyable. Birds dart everywhere throughout the day and elephants stray all around the way making the stay in the wonderland of Kabini worth your while. Interestingly pachyderms play a paramount role in converting savannas and woodlands to grasslands. There are priceless animals for they have an important role in digging water holes in the dry riverbeds for providing water for other species and more importantly the depressions created by their foot-prints and bodies have the effect of trapping the rainfall.